Styled By Bria

Styled By Bria

I love the title of this blog post lol. If you know, you know. I previously called my clothing brand Styled By Bria. I have changed the name so many times, lol listen we will not go there.

Anyways, the Null and Void team had an amazing photo shoot a few weeks ago. An opportunity was presented to the brand,to broadcast the new clothing that will be launching pretty soon. Null and Void clothing items were one of the main focuses, and I was also the head stylist on the set of the photo shoot. It was also an opportunity for me to tap back into my styling days. 

The shoot was amazing needless to say. The vibes, the energy, the music, the work ethic, all mind blowing. The photography Zach was awesome and pretty much let me be the bossy love muffin that I am. The models, that are now plastered all over the site and the social media accounts, were also phenomenal. They took direction well, and they also helped one another get through the shoot successfully. Shout out to my main photographer Alex for bringing the opportunity to the Null and Void brand to begin with. 

(Check out the photos below)

Those were just a few shots from the shoot, you can see more on the social media accounts. I also want to obviously thank my Operations Manager Jadea for saving the day. Like when I am in full stress mode, she solves all of problems. Soon as I saw her, I was like I need you lol.

On a lighter note we are launching more merch this Thursday, and then so much more will be added to our catalog afterwards. A big thank you to everyone who has been apart of this journey thus far. I am such a perfectionist and everyone around me has to feel my level of stress everyday lol. All in all the shoot was a success. I will include everyone's Instagram accounts down below, so go follow them. 

@margaretsullivan_  (female model)

@demarcodalton       (male model)

@zblumberg          (photographer on set)

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