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Trend Alert

We are back with another trend! Now if you know me then you should have known this was coming. I am such a sneaker head, it is a complete joke at this point. Balenciaga Track Sneakers have been an on going trend for about a year now in the United States.


I can honestly say these are my favorite sneakers so far, besides the Nike Jordan 1's. Balenciaga Track Sneakers are very chunky but they are comfortable. They do seem big in size when they are on your feet. I bought 1 pair so far, and actually bought the wrong size they were too big! I hate trying to buy stuff in EUR size honestly because I feel like it is a hit or miss. Despite me buying a pair a little size bigger, they sill kind of fit and they are so cute. Let's just say I will buy a 38 or 39 next time lol 40 fits with a chunky pair of socks but doesn't look too crazy on my feet.

If you have a pair let us now how you like them. You can get them from the Balenciaga site or farfetch website. Exciting trend!


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