Trend Alert

Trend Alert

One of this weeks trends is Hermes Birkin bag. Hermes is a french luxury leather brand. Their products range from bags to belts to small leather goods. I have always been a fan of the well known Birkin bag that has been lingering around Instagram and a few rap songs.

These bags are a bit pricey lol so I do not see myself buying one anytime soon. My obsession with these purses started when I saw an episode of Sex and the City, and Samantha was on a 5 month waiting list for a red Birkin bag. I was young when the episode aired, but I remember saying to myself "I want that bag".

Every Instagram influencer has one of these bags. every rapper is telling us females to buy one. Listen lol I do not have the money for this bag yet, so I will just dream until I can get one. Are you guys into the Birkin bag trend? Let me know in the comments below.

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