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Never thought that I would see the early 2000's pop back up in the year 2020. From Von Dutch, to butterfly hair clips, to Chanel vintage frames. My favorite era for fashion has always been the early 2000's. From Hip-Hop music videos, to Sex and the City, to even classic Disney Channel shows such as Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven.

I caved in and bought a Von Dutch Camo Trucker hat and a Von Dutch Bowling bag as well. I remember being obsessed with Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad and that whole fashion era. I use to beg my mom to let me dress like them lol. When I tell you that I am beyond obsessed with my purchase. I want to start collecting more vintage pieces because who doesn't like a classic timeless piece?

I love the vintage early 2000's look because everyone wore the same clothes but styled them all completely different. Now a days legit everyone buys the same clothes and dresses exactly the same. There isn't really any originality in the fashion world currently which is very disappointing. Side note, just because you buy designer does not mean you know how to dress. It irritates me that everyone thinks that they are fashion icons all of a sudden. Like no you just threw on a bunch of crap and called it fashion.

Bringing it back lol sorry drifted off there a bit. What are some fashion trends from the early 2000's that you love or loved? Comment below!

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