Trendy Thursday's

Trendy Thursday's

Welcome to the first Trendy Thursday's! I am excited because this is actually one of my favorite trends currently. That is, the oversize jacket whether it be fur or trench possibly jean. These jackets can be paired with sneakers, or booties now that it is fall and the weather will soon be crappy.

Thigh high boots could work, depending on how you dress them up. I love the long coat and crew neck look or hoodie look. Sweatpants for me rather than jeans. Also throw in a signature handbag and or big paparazzi sunglasses. Listen I could go on and on. When I tell you this is my favorite trend, baby listen. 

Fellas, this is a trend for you all as well. Not so much a fur coat but you could, but a trench coat with some sneakers. Throw in a hat with some sunglasses, and maybe even some boots. 

I feel like this trend will go on for decades. It is an easy relaxed look, that you could also dress up for a date night your pick. What are your thoughts on this trend? Is this a look for you? Comment down below with your thoughts. What are some trends you would like to see me dig deep in?

Come back next Thursday for more and do not forget the giveaway ends tomorrow Friday 5pm eastern standard time. We will announce who won the $50.00 Null and Void gift card! It could be you.

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