Shot by @amrezy (Instagram)

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Shot by @amrezy (Instagram)

One of my favorite clothing lines right now is Jacquemus. Their purses are what I am particularly intrigued by.

This line was created by a French fashion designer by the name of Simon Porte Jacquemus. Roughly about 9 years ago, when Simon was 20 years of age, he went full force with launching his clothing line. The paparazzi had caught a flick of Rihanna wearing one of Jacquemus bags a few months ago, and the internet exploded. 

Rihanna, as everyone knows, is known for setting major fashion trends. Everyone knows that if Rihanna wears a specific fashion piece, than it is most likely going to go viral within the next few days of her wearing it.

(Rihanna @badgalriri)

(Kourtney Kardashian @kourtneykardash)

The name of the bag that I love by Simon, is called "Le Chiquito". It comes in mini sizes, small pocket pouches, the bag itself is actually really small and cute. I love the bag because it comes in different colors. Mini bags are in trend right now, and I am pretty sure it is because of Jacquemus.

One thing that I did notice though is that people complained about how small and "pointless" the bag is. Here is my thing, when you see a picture of the "Le Chiquito" you can clearly see that the bag is small as shit. I examine everything before I buy it. Yes the bag is small, but the item has always been advertised as sold. I know that when I buy this bag, I should not be expecting Birkin bag size. So I am just a little confused as to why people do unboxing of the product, and get upset at the size of the bag.

Either way, I love the work that Simon does. He has designed more than just purses, but those by far are my favorite at the moment. Do you like the mini bag trend? Is Jacquemus a brand that you would consider wearing? I will post the link to their website for purchase, as well as pricing. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram @shopnullandvoid.

Pricing point for the bag: $258.00-$516.00 (seems like the price varies from size and texture).



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