Trendy Thursday's

Trendy Thursday's

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for all of my customers, and for another week of Trendy Thursday's. This week's trendy topic actually excites me lol. If you know me, you know that sneakers are my thing. There is though one specific type of sneaker that I am like completely obsessed with.

AIR JORDAN 1'S !!!!!! 

(Air Jordan x Off-White Retro UNC 1's)

(Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1's)

I believe that this particular shoe allows me to be creative as far as fashion styling goes. The Jordan 1's come in multiple colors, several designs, and they are super duper comfortable. There are several influencer and celebrity collabs, which was also very exciting. Every Jordan shoe, in my opinion, does not fit well with females. This particular shoes seems feminine, doesn't matter what the color scheme may be. 

Lately, I have been super into sneakers. I think my boyfriend Andy is to blame honestly lol. My shoes aren't expensive (I have small feet), which makes sneakers easy to find, so that is why I am constantly buying new pairs. I kid you not, we went to SneakerCon in Boston a few months ago. I was not at the event for more than 10 mins, and next thing you know I bought a pair of 1's lol. It has legit become out of control, but oh well we like what we like.

(Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 1's)

These up top are by far one of my favorite. The resale price right now is a joke, but I will get my hands on these babies. All of the pictures posted are examples of some of my favorite Jordan 1's.

(Crimson Tint Air Jordan 1's)

(Air Jordan Turbo Green 1's)

Do you wear Jordan's, and if so what are your favorite pair? I love sneakers!!! I wish everyone an amazing and safe Thanksgiving. We have some goodies for you all, so stay tuned.

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