2020 Winter Drop

2020 Winter Drop


Whew! We are live again and it feels great. Now that the launch of things have calmed down, I can go back to blogging again. I haven't set a schedule for blogging, I am just going to post as I go but I will always be active no matter what.

 We launched a new set of merchandise items which I am very excited about and proud of. The good thing about merchandise, is that the pieces will always be in rotation and the section will stay full of clothing no matter what. The Null and Void team worked hard on the new launch and the update of the website, so I hope everyone loves it.

I am excited to see what the Spring and the Summer has for Null and Void.The brand continues to grow and will get better from here. I am also excited for new trends that are arising and trends that are from the old days but are back.

What are some things you are looking forward to see from us? 

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