My Famous French Fries

My Famous French Fries

Nothing is better than homemade french fries! It may seem like a simple recipe, because it is lol. Since I was 12, I have been making my own french fries. I added a little twist to mine, with sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms. If you make homemade french fries for your kids, I suggest you leave out the peppers, onions, and mushrooms lol. I am using the veggie mixture I made yesterday for the beef stew :) just fyi.


  1. 3 whole potatoes
  2. half of an onion
  3. 1 bell pepper
  4. handful of sliced mushrooms
  5. olive oil or vegetable oil (your preference)
  6. Lawry's seasoned salt
  7. Ms. Dash

I had a lot of the veggie mixture left, but I only used a handful and a half for the french fries.

Cooking time: 45 mins (or less)


  • Scrape the skin off of the 3 potatoes and then make sure to wash them thoroughly.
  • Once washed, cut them into french fry shapes. After cutting them season them with Lawry's seasoned salt and Ms. Dash.
  • Heat up your frying pan with the olive oil or vegetable oil. The amount of oil should be enough to fry the potatoes.
  • Once you have the potatoes in the pan make sure to flip them with a spatula every so often. Once it gets a significant yellowish brown color start your vegetables up.

  • Put a little bit of oil in another frying pan and start cooking the veggies up. If you have left over veggies like me they were already pre-seasoned, if not season them bad boys up!

  • The veggies need to be a crisp color and texture or up to your preference, I love when my veggies are really cooked.
  • The veggies cook fairly quickly on medium to high heat, but once the fries are thoroughly cooked to your liking you want to place them on a plate with a napkin to drain excess oil.
  • Once you let the oil drain it is time to serve it up. The veggies are basically a garnish and brings out every flavor in the dish. Again you do not have to have the french fries with the veggies. But this is MY recipe and I include them lol.

This dish is pretty simple and tasty and quick. I eat my french fries with ketchup you don't have to all up to you. Either way, who doesn't like a good french fry? I sometimes also make these fries for breakfast. Comment below on this recipe hope everyone enjoys!

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