New Trend Alert

New Trend Alert

(Picture credit Brad Hall - Youtube)

Not a crazy post something quick-usually trend posts will be quick and to the point.

 The latest trend that I have came across was the Yeezy slides. They come in kids sizes to adult sizes. Colors range from brown to dessert sand. I love a good slide and I am shocked I even like them. Wasn't a huge Yeezy fan (for my own personal reasons), but I have been coming across some good shoe pieces by the brand. You can pair the slides with socks or no socks, jeans or shorts or even leggings. I can see me wearing these with a good sweatpants selection. They seem to be comfy looking, haven't heard any complaints so far. Not going to lie after I post this blog I am buying a pair lol. 

If you purchase them, make sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts on the slide. You can even tag us on social media for any Null and Void purchases you make as well!

Retail price ranges from $90-$300 depends on your size and what site you purchase them from.




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