Pop Up Shop Recap

Pop Up Shop Recap

Just recently, Null and Void was invited to do a Pop Up Shop, which was pretty exciting! This is our first one since the brand has started. I have gone to Pop Up's and supported other brands, but to be apart of one is something completely different.

The Pop Up Shop was just this past Saturday. The weather wasn't that great, but we made the best of it. Not going to lie, I was nervous and scared about this experience. I will say, if you have a brand and you plan on doing a Pop Up Shop make sure to well prepare yourself. All of the clothing was prepped and ready, we bought shopping bags we wanted this to be perfect since again it was our first one.

We were invited by Amanda, another black woman business owner. Thank you again Amanda for inviting us! I am so proud of her and everyone else who participated. Side note, follow her brand on Instagram @3w_lv3 .


I am proud of us, we worked hard for everything that we have now. Want to also thank all of our customers and supporters. It is one thing to get an online sale, but it is a whole other thing with face to face interaction. It felt good to hear people say how dope the brand is and seeing people genuinely want to support was a different vibe on it's own. The purpose of us going was to one clear out inventory but to also get our foot in the door and network. I want us to be more well known in our own city, as well as across the world. We have more steps to take, but we are headed in the right direction.

In the future, we plan on doing our own pop up shops, as well as attend more. The amount of product we sold man it felt beyond amazing. I am excited for the next phase of Null and Void. We have so many new things in store for any and everyone. So everyone please stay tuned. Thanks again for showing us love if you did stop by on Saturday! We really appreciate any and every support that we receive.

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