Trend Alert

Trend Alert

We are back again for another Trend Alert. I know everyone has seen the crescent moons plastered all over Instagram. The brand is called Marine Serre, for those who were not aware.


Marine Serre was named after a 28 year old French fashion designer. Since I saw Jayda, Beyonce, and Kylie Jenner wearing the clothing line, I was intrigued. The clothing pieces that are popular are the long sleeve tops as well as the leggings and the tights. The material seems to be stretchy and form fitting, which is something I always wear. I love leggings, tights, and of course sweatpants.

You can style these clothing pieces with sneakers, heels, be relaxed or dressed up. The other thing that I love, is that you can mix match the different color options that they have. The tops run for about $200-$300 and the bottoms $300-$400. Not too bad, I plan on purchasing a set in the near future. I will do a review once I do.

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