Trendy Thursday's

Trendy Thursday's


Yes! Teddy material is in. Whether it be coats, matching sets, shoes it doesn't even matter. I have always been a super big fan of the Teddy material coats. Check my resume, that is all I wear once it hits a specific temperature in Boston lol.


Nothing better than wearing an oversize Teddy material jacket, with a cute trendy bag and for me a pair of sneakers. What is the name for those jackets actually? Lol not too sure. I just call them the Teddy material, oh well. Null and Void has so many great things coming and I wish I could share them but I cannot yet. Trust me I am not going to disappoint I promise.

Is this a trend that you like or love? What are some trends that you would like us to discuss? Comment down below with your thoughts.

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Love this trend especially because you can dress it up or down

Ayanna Simmons

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