Welcome to the Null and Void launch!

Welcome to the Null and Void launch!

(Note from the creator)

Hey babes & dudes! Welcome to the official launch of Null and Void. Man oh man has this journey been a long and rough one. For all of my followers who have been with me since Styled By Bria days as well as House of Bria, days you are appreciated and loved. Do you all remember when at one point I named the brand Stylenowness? Yes a real freaking throwback!

Any who, I am excited with this launch. I'm in love with the name of the brand. I'm in love with the content that I have created and will create. I'm in love with products that have and will soon to launch. I took my time with this brand. Every detail for Null and Void matters. Not that it didn't matter before, but this go around everything was done strategically and meticulously.

Null and Void brand is for everyone, men and women we are not gender specific. The brand will range from reworked clothing, to vintage pieces, to original in hause creations. I will also be actively blogging, as well as styling clients. Clothing items will be in constant rotation which is super exciting. But keep in mind, we are a brand that will have limited pieces based off of demand. I cannot wait for you all to see and feel the happiness of Null and Void.

I want to thank a real close friend of mine aka Null and Void's operations manager Jadea Simmons. She has been a great big help with this launch and making sure everything goes as planned. She has put up with my crazy Pisces ass so she deserves lol. But again, thank you everyone and enjoy the release of Null and Void.




Blogging Schedule:

Blog about my life, my experiences, and fashion.

Thursday's - Trendy Thursday's (latest fashion trends as far as sneakers and clothing)

Friday's - Fashion Friday's (pick my favorite person who dressed to impressed the whole week and will send them special Null and Void product) - This section is released only once a month.

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